Dauntless IT Security Solutions

Dauntless IT offers solutions for cybersecurity concerns to include Security auditing, penetration testing, ransomware protection and much more.

IT Security

In today’s interconnected digital world, no business is immune to cybersecurity threats. In 2018 43% of all businesses (both large and small) were a victim of a cyber security breach. It is more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to stay vigilant. These threats continue to increase in sophistication and tenacity.

For companies that manage sensitive client information, it is imperative to employ the highest levels of cyber security tools and best practices. At best, your company’s reputation may be on the line. At worst your company may be exposed to the legal ramifications of leaky security.

For small businesses a cyber-attack can be devastating. 60% of small businesses that are victim to cyber security attacks are unable to overcome the losses and go out of business within six months.

Can you afford an attack on your business?

Dauntless IT Solutions will elevate your organization’s cyber security measures with the latest in industry solutions and best practices. We do this through a unique combination of hands on service and software solutions.

Viruses and Malware are always evolving. Protect your business from this ever-growing threat.

Did You Know?

The newest malware locks our data and holds it for ransom until you pay. Stay ahead of threats such as Ransomware.

Dauntless is Orlando's Premier Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Our comprehensive suite of solutions will protect you against threats such as:

  • Malware

    Malicious software such as computer viruses can damage your computers, servers, and your network

  • Phishing Attacks

    Phishing attacks aim to make your systems vulnerable to cyber criminals to perpetrate theft and fraud

  • Compromised Data

    Data leaks can cause big headaches and potential leads to reputation issues or lawsuits

Our strategies to combat these issues include:

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

    We test for vulnerabilities and assess risk factors that put your business at risk attacks

  • Disaster Recovery

    Protect your systems from natural and man-made disaster and have a plan for worst-case scenarios

  • Regulatory and Government Compliance

    Ensure that you are following any state, federal and industry compliance laws and standards

Act Now!

Every minute that goes by is a minue that your business remains vulnerable to attack.
Stop Playing Games With Your Business!

Dauntless Level IT Plan

  • Frequent IT Security Audits and Vulnerability Tests

  • Network and Server Monitoring

  • Workstation Monitoring

  • 3rd Party Penetration Test

  • Web Application Firewalls

  • End-Point Protection

  • Nexgen Antivirus

  • Web and Content Filtering

  • Hardware Firewall

  • URL Filtering

  • Email Spam and Malware Protection

  • Attachment Sandboxing and Data Loss Protection

  • Managing Your Device Policies

  • Data and Voice Redundancy and Failover Solutions

  • Image and File Based Backups

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

Dauntless IT Security

Available as an add-on to our Dauntless Level IT plan and may require the purchase of third party software.

  • Advanced Email Threat Protection

  • Advanced Data Protection

  • Security Event Monitoring and Alerting

  • Strategic IT Security Planning

  • Cyber Threat Industry Security Compliance

  • Dark Web Monitoring and Alerts (includes personal email protection)

  • eDiscovery

  • PCI Compliance Assessments and Monitoring

  • Cyber Security Training


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